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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Exclusive Update on George Clooney's New Mystery Girlfriend, Sarah Larson

Does George Clooney's new girlfriend want to keep her background a secret?

Earlier this week, coverage and photos of George Clooney's new girlfriend, Sarah Larson, of Las Vegas, who accompanied him at the Deauville Film Festival and at various outings in Venice, began circulating over the Web. Referenced in the press as a "model," I was baffled by her lack of search-engine presence. It seemed she was completely off the Google radar. But then I came upon this bit from Jeremy Pond of Vegas Confidential. By far, this is the best reporting to date on Clooney's new love. As per usual, the mainstream press is holding its breath. Boring.

Go-go dancer? Model? Or a combination thereof? Whatever her occupation, it doesn't really matter. It is however fun to compare her new wardrobe with the pre-Clooney wardrobe shown below.

Here are some shots of a woman who looks very similar to Sarah, from the night of the June 6th Ocean's Thirteen party at the Palms Hotel (the night she reportedly met Clooney). They were taken at the Moon Nightclub at the Palms.

Random photos of her on the job:

And here are photos of what looks like Sarah Larson hanging out with friends:

This one was taken at the Tao club:

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And so it begins...

This is a confession: I am a Google addict. But now, rather than just sifting through Internet junk for my own amusement, I have decided I will post some of my more interesting finds here.

My apologies for now wasting your time as well as mine. Nonetheless, enjoy!