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Saturday, September 8, 2007

More Pictures--Sarah Larson Before Las Vegas!

Sarah Larson's life before Fear Factor and Las Vegas: Ordinary?

This may be my last Sarah Larson posting (unless, of course, anyone has some tips they want to share). From what I've found, she seems like a nice, normal girl. No sordid past. Sorry, ladies, George may actually stick with this one!

Today, Celebrity Insider posted a letter written by a guy who goes by the moniker Pizza T. Mr. Pizza claims to have dated Sarah for six years. A self-proclaimed "hippy thug," this guy's a far cry from George Clooney. He also says that Sarah is a college-eduated gal who attended Evergreen State College. Sure enough, the 2001 grad list from Evergreen lists Sarah Lorraine Larson as a Bachelor's degree recipient. This all begs the question, why Las Vegas and nightclub waitressing?

Her former Evergreen biology lab partner also has a photo album that includes old pictures of Sarah. Check it out:

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