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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sarah Larson Owns a Mysterious Company

An interesting link was sent to me by Joseph Culligan at Web of Deception, a pretty awesome site featuring public records data on a variety of celebs. Click here to view the registration records for Guess What You Got, Ltd., an LLC Sarah founded with friend and artist Brandy Wood. The document includes some unknown tidbits on Sarah, including her address, the price she paid for her Vegas digs ($465,000), and certification that she holds a hunting license on the state of the Nevada (ew!).

Real World Hollywood's Kimberly Alexander

No question, in her Real World audition tape, this girl appears to be an amalgamation of every nasty, hypocritical, and meglomaniacal Real World cast member to appear in the past 19 seasons. Whether or not it is just an act is yet to be seen.

Here's what I have found so far:

A lame music video for a band called "Closer" (via Myspace), which stars Ms. Kimberly Alexander:

The Difference 3rd Cut

Via The Palmetto Scoop, "She is back in Columbia, South Carolina, working at a sushi restaurant and bar called Tsunami."

Via Voice123, she may be looking for voiceover work. Someone with the same name is listed and describes her voice as "flirty, crispy, and upbeat."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Racy Photos of Sarah Larson With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Star magazine has found more pictures of Clooney's girlfriend Sarah Larson (SURPRISE! No, not really.) on Last Night's Party of all places. Click here to see the gallery. Sigh, if only I'd checked the site back in August, but I doubted she would be on there.

The big question is: Who is she dry humping in the photos? I did some research and I'm most certain it's Ryan Doherty, Vegas entrepreneur, and Larson's ex as reported by PageSix back in February. Apparently, the two were still hot for each other even after she'd met George. These photos were taken in July 2007. Just a month and a half later, she appeared in Venice with George.

Ok, so how I can tell it's Ryan Doherty? Well, first see the WireImage pic of him below from 2006. See the chin dimple, now see the first pic below from Last Night's Party. There, she's snuggling up to a chin-dimpled guy. Now, check out the ridge on his left ear. I guess you could say he's earmarked. That ridge is also reflected in the shots (click photos for larger images) of the guy who is pressed up against her in the photos that follow. And in case you're wondering if they were just having a one-night drunken reunion, check out the last picture. It was taken at the June 29, 2007, 944 Listening Lounge Party. Enough said.





Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Brother 9 Cast Discuss Myspace

Natalie makes no mention of her deleted profile, but announces the URL for her online art gallery. Sheila seems clueless about EVERYTHING.

Embed is disabled, so view it directly via YouTube.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Brother Natalie's Missing Myspace Page Recovered

It has come to my attention that Ms. Natalie deleted her Myspace account earlier today. It's a shame that such a great page has gone to waste. For those still interested, I found it in the Google cache and compiled a few screenshots. She really seems to like those hot pink backgrounds that appeal to 13-year-old girls.

I also came across an older Myspace account under her name. It's from 2006 and it's the one where she says she worked at Hooters (see last three screen shots).

Big Brother 9: Meet Big Brother 9's Hawaiian Tropic Natalie

The Season 9 cast has been revealed, and not surprisingly, the cast is predominately white, tan, and laden with hair gel and/or cleavage. Should be plenty of trash to dig up on these folks.

I will begin with Natalie Lynn Cunial, a 28-year-old "self-described military kid" who serves coffee in a bikini to pay the bills. Of course, she's a Bible carrying Christian as well. Before becoming a barista, she worked as a Hooters Girl in Vegas, according to her Myspace account. The ass-crack revealing bikini shot below is one of many scantily clad photos available for perusal (not safe for Christians!).

The shining moment of Natalie's life thus far: taking the the title of title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Oregon at age 21. Natalie was well-coiffed with a head full of tiny braids at the time (circa 2000).

The second picture indicates that there may be some topless photos circulating. I predict these will surface any hour now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Defamer Asks, Who Is Paul Vincent? Katie Holmes's Trainer, Maybe.

Update: Here is Paul Vincent's Personal Web site and IMDB page, which appears to contain credits for another Paul Vincent as well. Both Tom Cruise and Vincent are credited for the 1998 film Without Limits, where the two may have first crossed paths. Cruise is credited as a producer and Vincent as character "Ian McCaffrety."

In the last few days, Gawker and Defamer have been speculating about a mystery runner who stayed at Katie Holmes's side throughout the New York City Marathon. Now, another runner has come under scrutiny. Picture here. Defamer is reporting that 30-year-old Paul Vincent recorded the same split times as Holmes and suggests that he may have been sporting her tracking chip in addition to his own.

So who is Paul Vincent? Well, he's probably her trainer and an out-of-work actor.
It appears Paul Vincent may very well be this guy--a superior endurance athlete, professional trainer, and unaccomplished actor.

Photo Source:

The photo was taken from Paul's bio on the Team Irie Web site, which is the Web presence for a racing team of American endurance athletes. Paul's bio describes him as a protrainer and actor who "has earned the reputation as a top adventure racer in both sprint and expedition-length races. It also lists his age as 26 and since it appears the Team Irie Web site was last updated around 2003, he would be 29 or 30 today.