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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sarah Larson Owns a Mysterious Company

An interesting link was sent to me by Joseph Culligan at Web of Deception, a pretty awesome site featuring public records data on a variety of celebs. Click here to view the registration records for Guess What You Got, Ltd., an LLC Sarah founded with friend and artist Brandy Wood. The document includes some unknown tidbits on Sarah, including her address, the price she paid for her Vegas digs ($465,000), and certification that she holds a hunting license on the state of the Nevada (ew!).

Real World Hollywood's Kimberly Alexander

No question, in her Real World audition tape, this girl appears to be an amalgamation of every nasty, hypocritical, and meglomaniacal Real World cast member to appear in the past 19 seasons. Whether or not it is just an act is yet to be seen.

Here's what I have found so far:

A lame music video for a band called "Closer" (via Myspace), which stars Ms. Kimberly Alexander:

The Difference 3rd Cut

Via The Palmetto Scoop, "She is back in Columbia, South Carolina, working at a sushi restaurant and bar called Tsunami."

Via Voice123, she may be looking for voiceover work. Someone with the same name is listed and describes her voice as "flirty, crispy, and upbeat."