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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Real World Sydney's Ashli Crazy LiveJournal Entry

The Real World's Ashli Robson Is A Certifiable Nut and Murderous Slut Hater
Last night I caught the Real World episode in which Ashli accuses another woman of being a slut. Her target, Greer, was flirting with Dunbar in much the same way that Ashli had been throughout the night. And she didn't just call her a slut in passing, she stepped between Greer and Dunbar and confronted her, accusing her of wanting to have sex with him and so on. Watch it here. She's pretty creepy.

Ashli explains her behavior with this sad reflection: "I love having a challenge because once I win it's the best feeling ever knowing I'm somehow better than the other person I was competing with. And when it comes to guys I usually win." It would be more appropriate to replace "somehow better" with "more delusional" or "more psychotic."

With that said, I found Ashli's old "GreatestJournal" (This Ashli is from Georgia, as is the Ashli on the show. And she's the same age). Seems in 2004, her hatred of "sluts" was already in full bloom. I am sure this journal gave MTV’s casting staff extra incentive to bring this nut onto the show.

Here is Ashli's slut rant from December 15, 2004, wherein she threatens to murder some "slut bags."
"okay, so brianna is pissed off about some stupid fuck head slut bags. If i ever get the chance to meet you. i will kill you. i will stab you in the face, and throw you in my friend paiges lake, along with all the other people we hate. this is just a warnign to all the other people who might think about fucking with brianna. Leave her alone, because chances are its gonna come back and bite you in your fat ass.
im not even kidding. does it sound like im kidding? no. and you know what else you fuck bags? stop talking shit. because her life has nothing to do with your pathetic excuse for a life. seriously, move on."

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Update Nov. 29, 2007: Ashli's journal has since been deleted, but at the moment it still exists in the Google cache.