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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bachelor's Solisa: Already Found Love?

The Bachelor, season 11, promises there is a twist to come. Yes, I know that most people don't watch this show and its ratings have plummeted since the first season, but for remaining fans of the show or fans of the popular Austin, Texas-based band Reckless Kelly, this should raise some eyebrows.

Esthetician Solisa, one of this year's bachelorettes, hails from Austin, Texas, just as Bachelor Brad Womack does. Some are speculating that the show's twist is that the two already know each other; I haven't found any proof of this. But, it looks like Solisa may already be taken. By whom? Reckless Kelly guitarist and singer Willy Braun.

See for example, the profile of "~Cheri~" which features a photo of Solisa and Willy. Its caption: "Hottest Couple in Town."

Then, pay a visit to the page of "Elizabeth" and you will find messages from Cheri. In one, dated May 22, 2007, Cheri announces that Solisa has been asked to appear on The Bachelor. In a later message dated August 26, 2007, Cheri tells Elizabeth that there are "good things" going on between Solisa and Willy. These good things persist it seems--as suggested by the aforementioned photo on Cheri's profile.

Rumors have also circulated that Solisa once auditioned for American Idol. Hmmm, so she's possibly dating a successful country musician, has hopes of scoring a record deal, and is now a Bachelor contestant. It looks like Solisa might not be looking for love after all.