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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Defamer Asks, Who Is Paul Vincent? Katie Holmes's Trainer, Maybe.

Update: Here is Paul Vincent's Personal Web site and IMDB page, which appears to contain credits for another Paul Vincent as well. Both Tom Cruise and Vincent are credited for the 1998 film Without Limits, where the two may have first crossed paths. Cruise is credited as a producer and Vincent as character "Ian McCaffrety."

In the last few days, Gawker and Defamer have been speculating about a mystery runner who stayed at Katie Holmes's side throughout the New York City Marathon. Now, another runner has come under scrutiny. Picture here. Defamer is reporting that 30-year-old Paul Vincent recorded the same split times as Holmes and suggests that he may have been sporting her tracking chip in addition to his own.

So who is Paul Vincent? Well, he's probably her trainer and an out-of-work actor.
It appears Paul Vincent may very well be this guy--a superior endurance athlete, professional trainer, and unaccomplished actor.

Photo Source:

The photo was taken from Paul's bio on the Team Irie Web site, which is the Web presence for a racing team of American endurance athletes. Paul's bio describes him as a protrainer and actor who "has earned the reputation as a top adventure racer in both sprint and expedition-length races. It also lists his age as 26 and since it appears the Team Irie Web site was last updated around 2003, he would be 29 or 30 today.

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